Inventory Hold

When plasma from the collection centres arrives at the fractionation facility for further manufacturing they are placed on an inventory hold for 60 days. The 60 day inventory period allows easy retrieval of reactive plasma units in case of a look back procedure. A look back procedure is performed in response to identification of a reactive plasma unit collected from a donor who initially tested negative during the screening process. This occurs in instances where the donor is in the seroconversion period, a window period where the donor’s immune system did not mount a response (antibodies) against the blood borne pathogen. With advancements in technology this window period has become significantly minimized. Procedures such as fourth generation ELISA screen for the antigen on the pathogen rather than the antibody. Also newer testing methods such as the Nucleic Acid Testing screen for the presence of viral DNA and RNA making the screening process independent of the seroconversion period.