EXAPHARMA is committed to adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and to continuous improvements for producing plasma- derived therapies with exceptional quality and safety. In addition, to ensure that the requirements of Canadian regulators are addressed EXAPHARMA will comply with all mandatory and applicable laws. Our commitment to superior product quality and safety, together with our willingness to comply with applicable regulations, will translate into generation of  safe, pure and effective plasma-derived therapies for patients.

EXAPHARMA has made major investments in designing the facilities, structuring the quality systems, and training its personnel in order to meet the Canadian Plasmapheresis regulations and GMP standards. EXAPHARMA is also making an effort to further elevate the safety and quality of plasma-derived products by  adopting additional voluntary standards (IQPP) for plasma collection and donor screening procedures.  Click here to learn more about donor screening, product testing, quality control and applicable regulations.